Why I Avoid Marketing To Pain Points

Why I Avoid Marketing to Pain Points!

Traditionally, marketing strategies have heavily relied on identifying and marketing to pain points.

However, there’s a shift happening – a move towards positive outcomes, aspirational approach known as reverse engineering to desired outcomes. This strategy not only aligns with a higher vibrational marketing ethos but also resonates more deeply with clients who are already well aware of their challenges and are seeking solutions to achieve their goals.

The Limitation of Pain Point Marketing:

While identifying pain points is the old standard, it often overlooks a crucial aspect of the customer journey – aspiration and positivity. Constantly highlighting problems can lead to a negative customer experience and vision, where the focus is more on what’s lacking rather than what can be achieved.

Shifting from what's wrong to what's possible. Positive Outcomes

Positive Outcomes

Reverse Engineering to Desired Outcomes:

  • Definition: This approach starts with the end goal – the customer’s desired outcome – and works backward to develop the pathway to achieve it.
  • Benefits: It shifts the focus from what’s wrong to what’s possible, fostering a more positive, solution-oriented relationship with the audience.

Why It Works:

  • Empathy and Understanding: This approach demonstrates that you understand not just where your clients are, but more importantly, where they want to be.
  • Positivity Resonates: Marketing that focuses on positive outcomes and potentials naturally attracts clients. It’s about helping them envision a better future.
  • Building Trust: By focusing on outcomes, you position your brand as a facilitator of success, not just a fixer of problems.

Reverse Engineering

In Practice:

  • Content Creation: Develop content that showcases success stories, testimonials, and case studies. Let your audience see what success looks like.
  • Social Media Strategy: Use platforms to share aspirational messages, customer achievements, and how your products/services help in realizing those aspirations.
  • Email Marketing: Tailor your messages to show subscribers the tangible outcomes they can achieve, providing clear calls to action that guide them on their journey to success.

Statistics and Research:

  • Studies show that positive emotions toward a brand have far greater influence on consumer loyalty than trust and other judgments based on attributes.
  • Harvard Business Review notes that emotionally engaged customers are typically three times more likely to recommend a product and three times more likely to re-purchase.
Marketing to Pain Points by Reverse Engineering and creating Positive Outcomes

Reverse Engineering for Postive Outcomes

Marketing that’s geared towards desired outcomes rather than pain points aligns with a more positive, constructive, and ultimately more effective approach. It’s about shifting the narrative from overcoming deficits to achieving potential, which is both uplifting and motivating for clients.

Transform your marketing strategy with us. Let’s focus on creating a positive vision for your customers, guiding them towards the success they aspire to achieve. Contact us to learn how we can help redefine your approach while remaining a positive and inspiring position. 

If you or your team has been using the old standard of marketing to pain points, what obstacles have you overcome? Have you found yourself bogged down with the negatives and want to be in a more positive direction? 


Don’t forget the 5 rules for Creating Positive Outcomes

  1. Share your wins. Stack them up!!  People love to work with successful people and thriving businesses breed abundance and success. What’s you latest three wins? 
  2. Focusing on outcomes help you become known as the expert in your desired field.  What expertise are you bringing to your business and others? 
  3. Demonstrate you know where you are headed. Leaders who care lead naturally with the end result in mind.  Positive Leadership is always a win for everyone!
  4. Focus on aspiration and achievement- people love to be inspired and are dying for it in a a lot of cases. 
  5. Evoking positive emotions have a 3 times more likely impact to create the outcome you are looking for.  If all you leave is the world a little more positive that is a huge win for everyone you reach! 

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